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My Why





To empower others to take control of their health, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

To educate others to  learn how to take control of their health via nutrition and exercise.

To encourage those to love and accept the body they are blessed with and be the best version of themselves.


To make an impact on my community and encourage many towards a healthier life style.

A healthy community leads to a healthy nation!

My desire is to provide you a way to reduce your stress, move away from anger, heal imbalances that cause disease and introduce you to the qualities of calm, harmony, balance, self-healing and meditation to improve the quality of your life.

Improving health, building confidence and restoring balance in your life.  Personal training for total well being

A personal interest in weight training and keeping fit, led me to complete my Certificate 4 in fitness, allowing me to work as a personal trainer.  I found that women were looking for ‘something’; they weren’t sure themselves of what it was that was missing.  They craved vitality, inner balance, emotional and physical strength and pounding themselves at an aerobics class or weight training session wasn’t working for them.  I decided to research other forms of gentle exercise.  I came across Qigong in many different forms and styles.  This led me to a book “The Healing Art of Qigong” by Master Hong Liu and with all my wisdom and experience, I decided that this was not what I was looking for or needed.  Little did I know?

Little did I realise that my passion for fitness and a desire to understand the concept of total well being would play such a large role in my battle to survive a severe bout with cancer.

On January 28th 2006 I discovered I had cancer…the prognosis was sad, very sad.  My instincts told me to take my health into my own hands, all of a sudden bells started ringing, I searched for that ‘Qigong’ book. I commenced practising ‘The Golden Eight Exercises” also known as ‘The Eight Pieces of Brocade”, for thirty minutes morning and evening.  Qigong calmed my mind, increased my Qi thus strengthened my body and prepared me for my journey of healing and transformation. I believe the combination of Qigong, Traditional Chinese Medicine, good nutrition, meditation, exercise, a positive outlook and the skill of a very talented surgeon all played a huge contribution to my survival.

 “I had embarked on a personal journey to become emotionally and physically as strong as I could

and believe that it was this strength that allowed me to surprise the doctors with my rapid recovery. 

My health crisis forced me to focus on all aspects of health including nutrition. 

This involved adopting new lifestyle changes which have become part of my life. 

My business ‘Essential Body Personal Training’ is a totally supportive well being program,

aimed at improving health, building confidence and restoring balance in your life.”

At Essential Body Personal Training I will provide support, advice and guidance to achieve

your goals towards better health and fitness in a safe and healthy environment within a professional studio.

My motto ‘A healthy body is a prime requisite for success and happiness in life.’  Have you noticed when we are at our physical peak in fitness and health all other areas of our life follow with a positive vibe?  When our physical body is strong our emotional body also increases in strength, our minds become sharper and we are generally in a happier more balanced state of body, mind and soul.

To achieve results from any fitness program you require commitment, determination and intensity. The aid of a personal trainer can keep you focussed on your task to a healthier lifestyle.

Make a change today!

My program incorporates healthy nutrition with the Ultra Lite professional weight and health management program, exercise with one on one personal training, group personal training, weight training, fit boxing, Pilates and Tai Chi Qigong.  I offer an obligation free consultation to begin your holistic journey to health and fitness.

Be prepared to transform your Body, Mind and Soul!

Helping people take back control of their health, fitness and therefore happiness!

Angela Larose
Founder of Essential Body Personal Training.

Healthy Lifestyle Facilitator

Certificate IV Fitness

Ultra Lite Nutritional Consultant

Qigong Instructor

Thump Boxing Instructor

Studio Pilates Matwork Instructor

Marketing Director

Amateur Photographer


Mother of five

Grandmother of six

Director of Messy Household

Chief of Cleaning, Washing and Feeding Two Teenage Sons

Animal Lover