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By Angela


On 15, May 2016 | In Ange's Insights, Latest News | By Angela

63f9df794d6fa325e71a8c677388e734Have you ever thought about the people you meet and why?  As a personal trainer the majority I meet are wanting to transform some part of themselves, their body shape, fitness level and or general health.  I feel honoured and proud they have chosen me, I give my best to support and motivate them along their journey of transformation. The part I love best is the friendship developed, they become part of my tribe. No matter how far they may travel after the connection is made, they are always in my circle.  This past week has been a time of reflection due to the return of several clients, who had taken a pause from training.  I admit it caused a little heart flutter knowing they are placing their trust in me again to help them get back on track.   Thank you!