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One on One Personal Training

We are not so sure of the conversation...but it looks like fun. Looking fabulous Kathy!

We are not so sure of the conversation…but it looks like fun. Looking fabulous Kathy!

At Essential Body PT we don’t have quick solutions, 12 week body transformations or magic wands.  We do offer a simplistic and easy to follow program.  Your attitude, commitment and current fitness state will determine how quickly or slowly you will reach your desired outcome.

We monitor your progress weekly.  We will discuss your past difficulties that brought you to us. We will keep you in the present assisting you one step at a time through your life style change.  We will discuss future events and prepare you to make the changes required to improve the quality of your life.

It’s not easy, in fact at times it will be very difficult and you may even want to give up.  We won’t give up on you, we will give you support, advice and teach you techniques to help you succeed.  You are not on your own, you will never be left on your own, you will be guided every step of the way.

Our sessions are designed for individuals, it’s not a one size fit all program.  Our clientele range from young teenagers, young adults and mid life crisis adults with weight struggles and or preparing for major sporting events.  Clients attend one on one pt sessions tailored to their individual needs or small group personal training sessions where they can train at any level of intensity desired.  There is no humiliation, hositility or torturous sessions designed to induce vomiting.  These methods are not practiced or in anyway necessary to achieve weight loss or increase fitness levels.

Some reasons why our clients choose to train at Essential Body Personal Training.

  • The down to earth and friendly nature of our environment.
  • The daily support from all staff members.The confidentiality and privacy of a studio secluded from the public eye.
  • The comradeship and encouragement experienced in the group personal training sessions.
  • The exclusive one on one personal training that is offered.
  • The focus on quality rather than quantity within our group training sessions.
  • The honesty and openness of the advice given in regard to your weight loss and fitness goals.
  • The expertise and knowledge in health, exercise and nutrition offered by our qualified staff members.
  • The great personal training packages and memberships we have to offer.
  • The fabulous easy Ultra Lite Health and Weight Management program that stays with you for life.
  • A warm welcome when you commence, a great big pat on your back when you reach your goals and trainers to lean on when the going gets tough.

That’s our point of difference!  Why not come and experience it!

Helping people take back control of their health, fitness and therefore happiness!

Angela Larose
Founder of Essential Body Personal Training.