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Program for Life

Angela Larose of Essential Body Personal Training has an amazing offer for participants who wish to make significant changes to their life style. 

This opportunity is open to a limited number of clients. 

Contact Angela to book an obligation free consultation.

Ask yourself…

  1. Are you ready to make significant changes to your life to enhance your health and happiness?  
  2. Are you prepared to make sacrifices which will put you in good stead towards great health?
  3. Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?
  4. Do you want to drop weight and get fit but don’t know where or how to start?  
  5. Are you struggling with improving your nutrition, does it all seems too hard and time consuming?
  6. Are you lacking motivation, support and the discipline to stay on track towards a healthier life style?  
  7. Do you think it is time you seek help with all the above?
  8. Would you like to be one of the chosen participants to take part in a ‘Program for Life’?

My ‘Program for Life’ has been trialled, tested and proven to be successful!  Open to all genders, fitness levels and 18+.

You will be guided week to week for 12 solid months on your road to a new you or maybe back to the old you, that has forgotten the way of a healthy life style.

This is not a

  • 12 week makeover
  • nor is it a quick weight loss scheme
  • nor is it a boot camp
  • nor will you be pampered or filled with false promises of overnight or short term success

This is a well supported 12 month program designed to educate you for life.

Forget diets, forget meal replacement shakes.  Learn to make the best of the body you are blessed with.

The ‘Program for Life’ will take you on a 12 month journey of discovering how to live a healthy life style and maintain a healthy weight and attitude towards weight loss and exercise.  My program requires your commitment, dedication and determination from you.  Also a promise you will attend 5 one hour sessions per week.  We have 168 hours a week, 40 hours of work, 56 hours of sleep, which leaves you with 72 hours each week divided by 7 days, 9 hours a day available.  1 hour/day for five days with me (Angela) and in that time I will teach you and share with you the tools of a healthier life style.  Over a 12 month period there is a total of 2016 hours and in that period I ask for only 260 hours of dedication to improve your quality of life.

1 on 1 Personal Training The 12 month commitment includes 2 x 1/1 personal training sessions per week. a total of 96 sessions.

Online Personal Training Also includes access to your program via online app, your training goes everywhere with you.  If you are away you will access to your regular training program or complete the sessions in your home environment.

Group Training  – Foundation Membership Essential Body Personal Training works on a holistic approach to gaining good health and weight loss. I believe in a balance of body, mind and soul.  I work with praise and reward not humiliation and shame.  Your sessions will be in a group format as I believe team comradeship is a great tool towards success for the group on a whole.  

Weekly Consults  Each client will have individual consultations weekly regarding their nutrition plan. I will be looking for a minimum of 6 clients and no more than 10 to participate in this amazing, rewarding 12 month journey.  The majority of sessions will be held in the privacy of my Essential Body Personal Training Studio.

I am very excited to be offering this once a year only program! 

I will be taking only 10 clients to participate in this amazing, rewarding 12 month journey.

Be one of the first of many to be part of my Program For Life!

Contact me now and allow me to guide you towards your Program for Life!