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By Angela

Women’s Wellness

On 03, Sep 2016 | In Ange's Insights, Latest News | By Angela

Women’s wellness week is a time to focus on your health.   Here at Essential Body Personal Training we are consistently aware of women’s wellness, health, fitness and state of mind.

The 2016 Theme is ‘Am I Normal’.

Define normality?  Who states what is normal?  We do in our own minds!  The only rules to normality are the ones you put in place and accept.   Tall, short, round, slim, happy, sad, dark, fair, spiritual, atheist and the list goes on.


Accepting the body you are blessed with, accepting the situations you are in, accepting the relationships you have created.

Why do we have so much difficulty around acceptance?   Somethings are easy to accept and others we struggle with.   If only we knew the answer, I wish I had the answers.

What I do know and is very important to me, somethings we can control.  We can regain control of our health which leads to making our lives easier, also clear our minds for better decision making and ultimately be happier and content.  We can control what we choose to eat, how we choose to nourish our bodies.   Our choice of nutrition has a great impact on our lives, if we continually make bad choices our body’s rebel by becoming weak, by developing inflammation and can also have an effect on our hormones.  Often these bad choices lead to life threatening disease that is completely preventable, simply by making better food choices.

We all know exercise is the best form of anti-depressant.  So why don’t we make more time for fitness?   Simply walking 30 mins a day improves your well being.   Encouraging women to weight train improves bone density, increase strength and maintains muscle mass. The Australian Department of Health recommends being active preferably every day of the week.  Being active can be a combination of specific or coincidental exercise.  As we all know exercise greatly affects our state of mind and well being.

In support of Women’s Wellness Week!

For the month of September we will be sharing great specials and incentives to bring awareness to the importance of women’s health. 

At the commencement of each week we will post an offer, an opportunity for you and your friends to partake in your self-care.  An exercise routine, nutritional plan and recommended supplementation will assist you to a more balanced and healthier life style.

My Why?

To empower others to take control of their health, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • To educate others to learn how to take control of their health via nutrition and exercise.
  • To encourage those to love and accept the body they are blessed with and be the best version of themselves.
  • To make an impact on my community and encourage many towards a healthier life style.
  • A healthy community leads to a healthy nation!

My desire is to provide you a way to reduce your stress, move away from anger, heal imbalances that cause disease and introduce you to the qualities of calm, harmony, balance, self-healing and meditation to improve the quality of your life.

Improving health, building confidence and restoring balance the holistic way.

Essential Body Personal Training for Total Wellbeing.


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