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Group Personal Training


Foundation Membership

The value of your Membership truly relies on the value you place on your health and wellness.

Essential Body Personal Training prides itself on the individual attention it serves to all clients.   I offer you, dedication, commitment and support.  My studio prides itself on the attentive care I give to each and every one of my clients.  I don’t treat your membership casually, I appreciate your clientele and I endeavour to support you in reaching your lifestyle goals.
I am not the largest fitness center with a multitude of clients, I am a small private studio which caters for one on one or small groups providing personal training tailored to suit individuals.  My aim is to provide a safe environment with knowledge to encourage and support you to live a balanced healthy lifestyle.

I encourage women to join the Foundation Membership.
The sessions are a combination of free weights, Pilates, Free Weights, Circuits and HITT for women only.
The results I witness are outstanding; the sessions are challenging and continually giving you a variety in exercises, but also… simply because it doubles as a support group.  The clients hear each other out and sometimes the banter is funny, sad and often R rated.  We solve world problems in our sessions by starting with our own personal growth and sharing with each other.  The results I speak of isn’t just weight loss, it’s the feel good effect that carries through with wanting to make healthier choices to continue to improve the state of their well-being.  

And so it goes….Life keeps getting better and better, every day I feel much better than I did yesterday!   Why?  Because you made the choice to change and I created the environment to help make it happen! 

…it’s not just about the exercise!

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Class Schedule

Full Foundation Members attend unlimited sessions.
All classes are varied. Pilates, Weights, HITT and Circuit Training.

5:45 - 6:30 am & 4:45 - 5:30 pm

Monday to Friday

Foundation Members group personal training.
Please note Friday session is only 5:45 am
45 min sessions

9:00 - 9:45 am

Monday & Wednesday

Foundation Members group personal training.
45 min sessions

4:45 - 5:30 pm


Foundation Members group personal training. Pilates Class

45 min sessions

10:00 - 10:30 am

Monday & Wednesday

Timeless Fitness - seniors class



Women's Group Personal Training


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Boxing Gloves

Full Foundation Membership

$198/4 Weeks

  • Unlimited Group PT Sessions

  • Women Only

  • Combination of Pilates, Weight Training and HITT

  • Indoor 45 min Sessions

  • Maximum of 10 Clients

  • Monthly Nutrition Consultation & Body Composition

Pilates Foundation Membership

$150/10 Sessions

Upfront Payment

  • Pilates is held Thursday 4:45 pm

  • Attend 1 session per week

  • Indoor 45 min Session

  • Women Only

  • 110 Consecutive sessions

  • Maximum of 14 Clients

Thump Boxing

$150/10 Sessions

Upfront Payment

  • Held Wednesday 6 PM

  • Attend 1 session per week

  • Indoor/Outdoor 45 min Session

  • Mixed gender class

  • 10 Consecutive sessions

  • Maximum of 20 Clients

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Free Trial

Free for 7 Days

  • Unlimited Group PT Sessions

  • Women Only

  • Combination of Pilates, Weight Training and HITT includes Thump Boxing

  • Indoor 45 min Sessions

  • Maximum f 10 Clients

  • Monthly Nutrition Consultation & Body Composition

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