Life Style Plan

Look Good, Feel Good

The 12 week Life Style Plan includes the 6  week Ultra Lite Online Virtual Program plus 12 weeks of the Foundation Membership.
Ideal for those who would like to change their lifestyle, improve their nutritional habits and create a pattern toward making better food choices.  Clients have lost between 10 - 15kgs on the Life Style Program.
The Foundation Membership is for woman only and offers group personal training sessions, including Pilates. 
This 5 week plan is ideal for any one who is aiming to improve their life style long term. Also suited to help those who wish to return to a healthy, nutritious eating pattern and stop cravings. It is possible to lose between 8 to 15 kgs.
The Ultra Lite plan includes weekly inhouse consultations or if preferred via weekly phone consultations.   All inhouse consults inculde  weekly body compositions with the Health Quest Bio Impedance scales
COST $ 1189
Payment plan via EZIDEBIT

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