ASEA Story

Change Your Life with Redox Signaling Molecules


Asea was introduced to me in September, 2016.   I was given one bottle to try and I have to admit I was skeptical.  I didn't take ASEA as instructed and it sat on my kitchen bench for sometime, taking the occasional  sip until I consumed the whole bottle over the month, so, hence I felt no benefits.   

It was not the right time for me, my focus was on preparing for my first bodybuilding competition (if only I had been on ASEA during that time).   I had made a commitment to my coach to adhere to his instructions and ASEA was not in the plan.   

During that time, Julie Watts, my sponsor, did not give up on me, which I am very thankful for.  Julie kept me updated with scientific data, testimonials and the positive affect ASEA had not only in her life but how it was helping many others with health challenges, significantly improving their diagnosed and often debilitating outcomes, altering their long term prognosis.  So I hadn't written ASEA off, I followed the social media pages and attended a few presentations.  As I discovered more about ASEA by being involved I realised how fortunate I was to have Julie gently persist.  So in October 2018, I made a commitment to trial ASEA and commenced my monthly auto ship.  Best decision I have made.

How has it helped me?

Me, the queen of fitness and nutrition, whom everyone assumes has got it all together. Who’s job and passion is to support, motivate and encourage others towards a healthier lifestyle.  Two years of consistent competition preparation had its toll on my body,  by the end of 2017 I knew  I was suffering from what I believed to be  Adrenal Fatigue (it strikes people who endure long stretches of mental, physical, or emotional stress).  I thought I could manage it through nutrition and supplementation, I soon realised there was a missing link!  

By early 2019 I started losing the plot, exhausted, anxious, stressed and an emotional wreck (behind closed doors) by April 2019.  I had no recollection of injuring myself but I developed a mysterious pain in my left shoulder that impeded my training regime.  

It had been three months since I had commenced ASEA and taken it consistently, with little effect so I doubled my dose.  ASEA did not work over night for me. It had taken at least 8 months for me to truly feel the benefits.  My mysterious shoulder injury had disappeared.  My body has less aches and pain, I feel more flexible  and pliable, Pilates and stretching  has become effortless, there are no tight spots that rebel against certain poses or movements. 

I persisted with ASEA and today as I compose my story, I truly believe that Redox Signaling Molecules aka ASEA was the missing link.  

Since my ongoing recovery from chronic fatigue, I have been able to return to weight training on a daily basis and 20 mins of cardio twice a week.   I no longer suffer from DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Strain) due to lifting heavy weights which encourage the tearing of muscles, whilst my training buddy constantly complains about being sore, (no, she is not on ASEA).  We do the same program, I have very little to complain about.  I have noticed remarkable improvement in running stairs, I do run further and for a greater length of time and my recovery rate from  high intensity exercise is much quicker.  Meaning my heart rate returns to normal in a shorter range of time.

RENU28 should be in everyones skin care regime.  The RENU28 Advanced Skin Care Range is totally organic and is proven by science for it's anti aging properties.  My skin has never felt smoother or looked so clear since commencing using the range. 

Why do I choose ASEA above any other products?

Redox Signaling Molecules are native to our body.  ASEA is scientifically proven to enhance cell signaling in five important pathways.

~ Hormone Modulation - I have experienced the balancing of my  hormones.

~ Immune System - I have always maintained a healthy immune system since my dance with cancer in 2006.  Yes, I am a cancer survivor, why I am so passionate about health and fitness. And also why, I am very selective in what I ingest.

~ Digestive Health - I have had an immense improvement with gut issues. No bloating, no gas or bowel discomfort.

~ Inflammatory Response - Shoulder pain and other niggling joint pain is non existent.

~ Cardiovascular Health - I can perform High Intensity Training for longer periods of time and my recovery rate is much quicker than previous.  I in fact now enjoy the little amount of cardio I push myself to do each week.

These molecules are native to our body and are scientifically proven to be 100% safe and do not interact with any medication. 

Tested by BioAgilytix Laboratories an independent laboratory.

Simply.. give it time and it will work for you as it has done for me and many others.  It can’t hurt to try!  

I am collecting testimonials from my friends and clients who have been taking ASEA, you will find their testimonials here.

'It won't happen overnight, but it will happen!'

I am very passionate about ASEA, the products and the ethics of this amazing company.  If you would like more information please feel free to contact me.  I am happy to chat over the phone, coffee or lunch and share the ASEA vision with you.

You will never now the benefits of ASEA and how it can assist with your healing until you give it a try.   If you decide to try, please be prepared to trial ASEA for three months. 

Besides millions of people around the world can't all be mistaken you can read their testimonials on a daily basis on the ASEA Healthy Self face book page.  Simply ask me to invite you to join the page.

Angela x