Brenda signed up for my Optimal Wellness Program which is a 3 month commitment and includes. Redox Signalling Molecules, Foundation Membership, Ultra Lite Nutritional Plan and 1:1 Personal Training

"I had zero motivation, felt, and looked bloated and uncomfortable. I had nothing positive to say or feel about myself. I understood I needed to make a drastic change in my life to make a change in me. Angela, UltraLite and the Redox Signalling Molecules were the changes I needed."

Brenda Eckert

Brenda Eckert 2.jpeg

My 12-week journey with Angela at Essential Body Personal Training has come to an end but its not the end of the road. I will be continuing my training with Angela and taking the Redox Signalling Molecules.
The Optimal Wellness Program included the UltraLite Programme, Foundation Membership, with 12 PT sessions, and the Redox Signalling Molecules for the three months.
What a difference 3 months makes.
I had zero motivation, felt, and looked bloated and uncomfortable. I had nothing positive to say or feel about myself. I understood I needed to make a drastic change in my life to make a change in me. Angela, UltraLite and the Redox Signalling Molecules were the changes I needed. They each worked hand in hand to support me through each week, week after week. Angela was there to guide me through the new food regime and the exercise. I enjoyed the food, there was so much to eat. I did not experience any sugar cravings – which I was expecting. The UltraLite sachets took care of that.
I made it to every session with Angela and I believe that the Asea helped my body with recovering/adapting to the exercise and with the motivation to get to each session. I love the Renu28 and they way it makes my skin feel and look so much brighter.
I now feel and look lighter, with no more bloating. I feel like I now have something to feel positive about as I am doing positive things to make positive changes in my life.

Brenda Eckert


I am astounded at the positive changes in my body after working with my Personal Trainer, Angela Larose at ESSENTIAL BODY PERSONAL TRAINING. By simply doing 2 half hour session a week of weight, strength and core training, my body is transforming before my eyes. I am more toned, my balance has improved and I just love the muscle definition and core strength I now have. I can highly recommend Angela and her training. It’s worth every cent and I’m more than happy to invest the time and money into a stronger and healthier me!

Ros Waters


"Love training with my tribe.
So good for my strength and health."

Sue Smith


After carrying excessive weight for far too many years, I am very pleased that  Angela Larose suggested the Ultra Lite weight loss program for me.
Over a period of  7 weeks I have been able to lose 10.4kgs and , with her constant program in the gym, I have improved my overall strength and balance in time for an extensive trip planned for this year. (2018)
Thank you very much for your guidance and encouragement throughout Angela.
Sylvia 05/03/2018
Sylvia still attends regular monthly consults
and has lost a further 10.7 kgs by following the Ultra Lite program & principles. Her total weight loss was 21.2 kg over an 18 month period.
Angela 25/06/2019

Sylvia Wilson


"Angela Larose working with you and Leanne each week has given me the strength and confidence to take on competing in masters gymnastics and scouting activities.

The support and friendship of the ladies that work out with us is fabulous."

Suzanne Neucom


I started personal training with EBPT to help me get through a medical issue I was facing at the time.
I have continued my training with Angela because not only did she help me through that time but she has continued to be a big part of me reaching my fitness and training goals.
I like her friendly and honest approach and would recommend Angela to anyone looking for a real and effective training program.

Vicki Schultz


"If I am there for a class, I might as well give it a go.
Who ever thought I would be able to do push ups at my age?! I certainly didn't.
Before I started at Essential Body, I had no desire to do them. I now see it as a challenge. My fitness level and strength has increased. I get over my aches and pains much faster and having a laugh with the girls lifts the mood for the day."

Anne McCosker


Since I have been training with Angela, I have gained so much strength, not just physically but with my psyche too. I look forward to my sessions, working out in a warm & friendly training environment, keeps me committed to my health goals. ‘You do not just wake up and become the butterfly, growth is a process’

Jodie Stoneley


Angela taught me how to lift and gave me confidence in the gym

I started my fitness focus 4 years ago.

Group classes, you tube videos and generic gym programs.

Over the past 10 weeks Angela has taught me how to lift.

She is professional, supportive and the source of the progress & confidence gains I have made recently.

Tenneale Craker


I have been attending Essential Body for over 9 years now and it's not just an exercise class, it is also about the nutrition and advice you receive.
The classes are for women and as we are all there for the same reason you also form friendships & the classes are fun as we all encourage each other.
Both Angela & Leanne
are committed to 
making you a stronger,  healthier, happier

Tracy Sutton

Tracy Sutton.JPG

"I have lost weight
and increased muscle tone. I'm fitting into favourite clothes from 10 years ago."

Bindy Brandli

Kathy jones.jpg

2 years ago when I joined Essential Body, I wanted to tone up & lose weight, but it has become more than that.

Training with #mytribe in the morning class is my feel good pill. It sets me up for a day of eating well, productivity and feeling wonderful.

I am supported by an amazing group of Women lead by Angela & Leanne that will be lifelong friends. 


Kathy Jones


This is the fun we have at Essential Body Personal Training Members - and we get to exercise while we share the start of our day. I have gained strength from the sessions and it just feels like I am doing something for "me".

Danielle Welsh


I have recently finished the ultra lite 5 week program and I am very happy with my results . Before starting ultra lite I thought what I was eating was good and even cut back on portion size but after my last lot of blood tests my health wasn't improving and my weight wasn't changing . 

I then decided to try something I thought I'd never do and made an appointment with Angela to start the Ultra Lite Plan.. I couldn't do the sachets but followed the meals and weighed my portions . Cutting out sugar and majority of carbs.

It worked , the recipes are delicious and now I'm finished the 5 weeks I'm still going with the meals .

It's a real lifestyle change, 

I don't crave sweets or carbs , I feel great !

Ultra lite has really helped me . 

Thank you Angela also for your support,  seeing you every week for a weigh and measure kept me on track , it was what I needed .

Francie Little


Yep its for my health and strength for sure. But I have actually become addicted to working out with our tribe!

Wendy McKay


The Ultra Lite  meals were easy to follow and it was easy to pack and take meals on outings; You just need to think ahead.
Angela has been great to work with and I am now in my second week of the five week program and am continuing to see weekly losses.  
I really feel now that I have the tools (recipe books) and knowledge to glide through the Christmas period and come out the other side without too much damage.

Sally Christensen


Annie McCosker

Why did I choose Foundation Membership? 

I could say that Angela nagged me into it but that’s not completely true.

I started with Essential Body doing Qi Gong, after an injury that prevented me doing any other sport.

I took up Pilates later on but wasn’t very committed, and about 2 years ago I decided to make the commitment to go to Pilates twice a week. (This was when the nagging started.)

Pilates enabled me to get some core strength and flexibility to progress to Fit Boxing midway through last year. I found I enjoyed it!  

Turning 60 at the end of the year, I decided (with some prodding from Angela), to take on Foundation Membership this year and haven’t looked back.

I have only been on the Foundation Membership Program for a few months, and during that time, I have lost a few centimetres and a bit of fat, gained more energy, reduced my biological age and met some great women.

Would definitely recommend Essential Body Foundation Membership sessions.  They are small group sessions with dedicated trainers who are willing to listen to any problems and help you, put up with the whining, and have a bit of a laugh.


Stop thinking that you might go to Essential Body Personal Training - 'One Day'

Just do it! You will be glad you took that step.

I have never regretted it... not once!

I have always been active, but never have I felt strong and toned like I do now, to have Angela and Leanne guiding us through our workouts you get so much more out of it than you can ever do on your own.

I love the group environment and I find the other ladies so encouraging and fun, their friendship has become a whole new part of my life along with the exercise and learning new healthy habits…

Combined it all works to make a happier and healthier, strong me.

Wendy Mckay

Wendy McKay

Training with my tribe in a safe and supportive environment.
This is my happy place where I can push my limits.



Andrea Patrick

Did it the Ultra Lite way!


Essential Body Personal Training

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