Customised Online PT

Customised Online PT

This program is customised to suit your needs. A tailored training progam, taking into consideration, injuries, specific training and personal goals.

  • Customised 4 Week Workout Training Plan

  • Fortnightly Skype Consultations to cover all aspects about your training program

  • All of your workouts are programmed into your own training app which can be accessed on any smartphone or ipad device

  • Commencing with a 12 week commitment and the option to cancel or continue after initial 12 weeks.

  • Or Monthly payment $25 to keep your program activated without changes or skype meetings.

  • You may choose to renew your customised Program after 12 weeks.


Pay by Credit Card Online via Bill Pay

    Price Options
    Customised Online PT
    $150.00monthly/ 3 months