Ultra Lite 6 Week Virtual Program

Ultra Lite 6 Week Virtual Program

The Ultra Lite program has been successfully helping people from across Australia, America and New Zealand to lose weight for 20 years! Our weight loss program is based on a clean Ketogenic diet.


During your 6 week challenge, you will have all the necessary vitamins and minerals to help you feel great and support you to lose weight. And thanks to the Ultra Lite sachets and supporting products you receive as a part of the program, you won’t feel hungry between meals or experience cravings from cutting out foods from your diet during the program.


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A Ketogenic diet will help you to feel more energized, have a clearer mind, balanced mood and most of all, help you lose weight. We’re so excited to support you through your weight loss journey during this 6 week challenge and look forward to seeing your amazing results


    The Ultra Lite program works due to the combination of recipes, diet, supplied products, and assistance from your practitioner. Throughout the challenge you have a dedicated practtitioner to support you online.


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