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The Ultra Lite program has been successfully helping people from across Australia, America and New Zealand to lose weight for 20 years! Our weight loss program is based on a clean Ketogenic diet.

During your 6 week program, you will have all the necessary vitamins and minerals to help you feel great and support you to lose weight. And thanks to the Ultra Lite sachets and supporting products you receive as a part of the program, you won’t feel hungry between meals or experience cravings from cutting out foods from your diet during the program.

A Ketogenic diet will help you to feel more energized, have a clearer mind, balanced mood and most of all, help you lose weight. We’re so excited to support you through your weight loss journey during this 6 week program and look forward to seeing your amazing results

COST $595

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What's Included?

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6 Weeks of Keto Meal Plans + Shopping Lists

These customizable Meal Plans have all the nutrition calculated for you, all you need to do is start shopping and cooking!

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All-Access Membership to UL Website

You gain access to a library of over 200 delicious and nutritious ketogenic recipes, exclusively to Ultra Lite clients!

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Keto Products & Supplements

Our range of drink-based supplements helps you feel fuller for longer. You receive 6 weeks worth of our specially formulated and delicious Ultra Lite Sachets in 7 flavours:
Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry,
Banana, Coffee, Chicken and Beef.


Workouts + Weekly Emails with Tips for Success

Each week you receive a Blog and Webinar which focuses on different topics, such as: Stress and Emotional Eating, Gut Health and Sleep Health.


Qetoe Breath Monitor

The Qetoe Monitor tells you exactly when you are in the Ketosis Fat Burning Zone.
No more expensive blood strips.
No more peeing on strips.
 You just blow into it and you get your results!


+ Bonus Keto Pancakes & Snack eBook

Which contains 50 keto friendly snacks, which are simple to prepare and delicious to eat. Our Keto Pancakes are sugar-free, dairy-free AND gluten-free, and contain MCT oil powder.


with Angela Larose

The 6 Week Challenge now includes personal Practitioner Support!
We will pair you with one of our qualified and experienced Ultra Lite Virtual Practitioners, who will check in with you weekly and call you three times throughout the challenge.
Our Practitioners specialise in discussing your health concerns, and providing support and advice for you to achieve your goals and best results. 

  • Your own Virtual Practitioner

  • Personal one-on-one tailored support

  • Weekly calls with your Practitioner

  • Weekly text and emails to keep you on track


Long-Term Benefits Of Keto

Finally you can reach your weight-loss goals with Australia’s longest running and most successful Ketogenic Weight-Loss Program.

Whatever your reason, The Ultra Lite Ketogenic Weight Loss Program offers a structured and easy to follow diet system, which will not only satisfy your cravings, and curb your appetite, but will also help you to lose weight fast and improve your health.

  • INCREASE ENERGY -  Ketones offer a longer-lasting, more stable source of energy.

  • IMPROVE BRAIN FUNCTION - Keto can help by lowering inflammation and balancing energy levels in the brain.

  • REDUCE CRAVINGS - Our range of drink-based supplements helps you feel fuller for longer.


  • LOSE WEIGHT - You can lose up to 10kgs in 6 weeks on our Program.

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How do you get started?

Purchase your online program!

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Attend your consultation.

Quick Question and Answer time, after receiving your online program. Booking further weekly consults.

Ongoing Support

Once you have finished the challenge, you may choose on going support with our Maintenance program.  To continue to maintain your weight loss or proceed to decrease if you choose to.

Just a Phone Call Away

Weekly consults are locked in, your practitioner is simply a phone call away.



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