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What if..

you had started 3 months ago?

Where would you be now?

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Merry Fitness!

How about a healthier, leaner and stronger body for Christmas?

I have the perfect program for you!  To receive a bonus 2 weeks you must  sign up commit by 22nd Dec, 2021!!

Have 2 weeks break to celebrate Christmas.

And back in the New Year to recuperate from Christmas shenanigans and prepare for 2022.  With an added bonus of two weeks.  Total of 14 weeks!

I know it seems a long time away, but it is time to plan now.

My Optimal Wellness Program is a 12 week plan to set you on the path towards a healthier, stronger and leaner you!  

Book now and pay your deposit to receive an extra two weeks in the New Year to give you an amazing start in 2022.


Making healthier choices and changes over a period of 12 weeks will not only transform your body shape,  increase your health but most importantly boost your immune system. 
You will feel so amazing and energetic, you won't want to go back to your past habits!
With a fully supported program, weekly zoom calls and your trainer on call for you,  through out your new life style changes.
It's time, Let me help you create new healthy habits and introduce the following to your daily schedule!

  • Supplements

  • Keto Nutrition Virtual Plan

  • Online Personal Training

  • One on one PT

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The Optimal Wellness Program

This program is not a quick fix, but it is a stepping stone in the right direction and if you choose to continue with the advice given, daily movement and supplements you will improve your health drastically.  I have witnessed these transformations, but it will take longer than three months for most, maybe even 12 months.  
The majority of clientele that reach out to me for an improvement in their health generally suffer from chronic disease.  Often having tried a number of diets, exercise programs and other quick fixes with very poor results. Their intention is to lose weight, ease inflammation and discomfort.  I rarely see anyone that isn’t suffering from some form of preventable ailment, be it diabetes, hypertension, arthritis or obesity which simply leads to general poor health. Often due to lifestyle, poor eating habits, lack of exercise, overworking, stressful relationships and work environments. These ailments often come with  prescribed prescription drugs that put a band-aid on the symptoms, sadly not really dealing with the issue.

I am pleased to report that after 3 months of clean keto eating, exercise and native supplementation, my clients witness a great improvement.  If they continue with my sound, practical advice they will reach Optimal Wellness and reverse the majority of their ailments.


How much difference would it make to your life?
If you were free from inflammation, dropped

a size or two and had more energy!

Contact Angela for an obligation free consultation to find out more about this program that is turning peoples lives around!


What can you expect?

A list of what my clients report back to me

  • No or less bloating.  Within the first week of clean eating!

  • Drop in body size and gradual weight loss which is easy to maintain.  Often a loss of 3 kgs in the first week!

  • Change in body shape, by including weight training and Pilates weekly.  Noticeable in the first 3 weeks of this program!

  • Reduction in inflammation in joints.  Simply by moving gently and on a daily basis and with added supplementation you will increase the synovial fluid to you joints.  

  • Improved sleeping pattern. Nothing beats a good night's sleep

  • No more brain fog.  Your thinking capacity will improve & become clearer.  Due to better sleep and nutrient dense foods.

  • Increased energy, no longer waking up tired.  A nutrient dense diet instantly improves your energy level.

  • Reduction in medications.  Seriously! Your Doctor will want to know ‘What are you doing?'

  • General improvement in well-being, feeling happier, confident and stronger in body and mind.  

And these are just a few improvements.  You will notice more as the weeks go by.


'It won't happen overnight, but it will happen' with consistency, determination and accountability.


The Optimal Wellness Program is ideal for those wanting to not only achieve total control of their health and fitness but also learn how to maintain their efforts.

Via clean eating, exercise and supplementation native to our body.

Join Angela weekly for 12 weeks of nurturing and nutritional guidance.  

The program is valued at $ 2859, by committing for three months the cost is $1999.

For full disclosure for my program 'Optimal Wellness', please book an obligation free consultation!


Optimal Wellness

What if you started 3 months ago?

Next Step!

Are you ready to hang out with me almost every week day for the next 12 weeks?

Are you prepared to commit for three months to achieve amazing results?

I can’t wait to witness your transformation! 

Book your consultation and let’s get started!!

Angela Larose


Diane Alca

“The biggest thing was the support and helping me with the daily challenges.  Encouraging me to take those extra steps.”